St. John’s Cannabis Catastrophe

Despite Canadian President Trudeau's promise to, "legalize, strictly regulate, and restrict access to marijuana will be designed responsibly, with those objectives in mind: to keep it out of the hands of children, and take the profits away from criminals,” with plans to take action as early as the coming spring, many Cannabis Supporters and Officials … Continue reading St. John’s Cannabis Catastrophe


Egalitarianism vs Third Wave “Feminism”

Degradation and compensation. The worlds main focus has changed drastically since the origins of established Feminism back in the late nineteenth century. Back then women's main focus was to establish ground in political  and social equality, whereas today's Feminists, sometimes referred to as "Feminazi's" goal appears to be to enact vengeance on our current population … Continue reading Egalitarianism vs Third Wave “Feminism”