Pronouns vs Free Speech


The recent Toronto debate lead by Professor of Psychology Jordan Peterson has sparked controversy throughout the nation. So for those of you who don’t know about the Canadian Conundrum of Bill C-16, or who simply want another look at the situation, I have decided to make this my first entry.

The first question you may ask yourself is, what is bill C-16? Well, C-16 is a piece of legislation which communicates the goal of incorporating the Transgender community into the identifiable groups for grounds of discrimination.  The problem Peterson has however, is the implementation of rules which would dictate the need for use of non-binary gender pronouns, something which he believes infringes on our right to freedom of speech.

Jordan Peterson has spoken out strongly in opposition of C-16 and held speeches and rallies on the University of Toronto campus, opening him up to ridicule from the Trans-gendered community, as well as threats from his employers. These threats include notices that he must terminate his outward opinion on the use of non-binary pronouns, conform to the new practice, and has amounted his statement, denouncing the concept being compelled to use words which limit and restrict free speech, as hate speech.

Personally, I veiw our freedom of speech to be one of our most fundamental rights as Canadians and as human beings. As stated by Peterson, conversation is the means through which we resolve conflict, learn, and evolve. By limiting and dictating what words we can and can not use, our freedom of speech is essentially being infringed upon.

While I know my first post has been short I hope you found it interesting and would love your feedback!


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