Ode to Doe: One-Eyed Jack


On August 20, 1979, skeletal remains were found in Tok, Alaska. The body near unrecognizable when found and the lower jaw was never recovered. Despite this the body has been identified as an adult male, less than forty years of age at the time of his death. Additionally, he was 6 feet tall, weighed about 185 pounds. The man’s left eye was missing and he was found wearing a leather eye patch. Police hope this may play a role in his future identification. Lastly, he had long brown hair worn with a headband.

The victim apparently hitchhiked up to Alaska in 1978 with another man. It is presumed he was then murdered by his companion who then dumped his body. Despite the unique circumstances surrounded this doe he is yet to be positively identified. For now he remains nameless.

Because the jaw bone was never recovered, the lower half of the composite sketch is mostly artists assumption. Anyone with any information pertaining to the identity of ‘One-Eyed Jack’ is encouraged to call the Alaska ME Office at 907-334-2200.


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