Ode to Doe: Eklutna Annie

alaskaEklutna Annie was the name given to an unidentifiable women found dead on July 17, 1980. Her partially decomposed remains were discovered in a shallow grave along a series of power lines, one mile south of South Eklutna Lake Road in the village of Eklutna, Anchorage, Alaska. Estimated to have been killed one year prior to being discovered she was believed to be between 16-25 at the time of her death. Police also gather that she was likely white – with the possibility of some native american heritage. As well, in life she’d been petite, standing about 4’11” to 5’3″ and hand long, light brown hair with red undertones. When found she was dressed in jeans, a light knitted sleeveless top, a hip-length brown leather jacket, and knee-high burgundy high-heeled boots.

As well she was found to be wearing many unique pieces of jewelry. These included a wide copper bracelet – stamped Flora Design – adored with three turquoise stones, a ring carved from a pale shell, a gold-plated chain-linked Timex wrist watch with a brown face and white hands, a turquoise and brown shell necklace, a heart pendent with twisted metal spacers, and gold plated twisted hoop earrings.

Also found on her person was a pack of Salem matches, found in the pocket of her jacket. She had been killed by stab wounds to her back. Very little remained at the scene and despite her unique belongings she has yet to be identified. She is believed to be a local prostitute or dancer. However, others speculate she was not from the area and was rather part of a sex trafficking ring. Some Troopers believe she may be from Washington or California.

What we do know is who killed her. In 1984, a local baker named Robert Hansen admitted to killing her – as well as at least 17 other women- around Anchorage from 1971 to 1983. He claims she was his first victim, but did not know her name. Hansen said that she was a “topless dancer” or a prostitute – confirming suspicions. He had allowed her into his vehicle however she soon realized they were not going where he’d claimed. Rather he was making his way to his residence. After a struggle to get out of the car, the woman escaped briefly, however Hansen caught up to her. After a fight, Hansen stabbed the woman in the back, ending her life.


Who also know who she’s not. Megan Emerick and Karen Evan from Alaska, and Teresa Davis have all been ruled out as being the unidentified victim. Despite composite images and attempts at identifying the victim, she remains at this point nameless. ‘Annie’ was laid to rest in Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery. She has been marked by a memorial plaque. However, still it reads only four word. “Jane Doe Died 1980”.


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