Ode to Doe : Yuma County Jane Doe


October 9, 1999, in Yuma, Arizona, was an abnormally warm day with a cloudless sky. However, at approximately three in the afternoon the body of a white female was found lying along a the bank of the Colorado River, lying lifeless in the ninety-degree whether, only hours after she had been fatally shot. The cause of death of the woman was immediately apparent. The young woman estimated to be between fifteen and twenty-two years old had been shot in the face, killing her instantly and leaving her unrecognizable. It was determined that her killer had used a shot gun, killing her and leaving the body at the scene of the crime. Her brown 17 inch long hair -which reached her waist- with subtle red highlights was worn in two long, thick braids.

The young woman, who according to some evidence, may be originally from Mexico was approximately 5’5″ at the time of her death and 106 lbs. The victim had fillings, all of which consisted of silver amalgam and her two front right teeth (9 and 10) overlap. A 4 inch surgical scar was found on her right side, already well healed. It was determined that the victim’s appendix had not been removed. Medical examiners speculate that the scar may be the result a surgery to extract her right ovary, as it was the only thing missing from the body. As well a mole was spotted on the victims back. Possibly the most unique, the Jane Doe also had a tattoo near the outside of her her right ankle.The first word “Angel” had been completely finished while the second word “Baby” was lighter, only stenciled. Police speculate that the tattoo does not look professionally done and may have been “home made”, so to speak.

yuma1 yuma2yuma3

The victim was discovered wearing a white shirt a white cotton, pull over shirt with two butterflies it the left hand corner, green sweatpants, yellow panties, a white bra and socks, and black lace-up shoes. She also wore two stud earrings in each ear, and a black cloth band around her upper left arm. Two necklace pendants were found on her body. One appears to be worn copper or similar metal reading “Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Pray For Us,” where the other is blue and gold with a half moon design. Finger prints and DNA have been taken and are available, however have yet to bring in any leads. She currently resides in Yuma Pioneer Cemetery, her headstone still nameless. Any person with tips or information that could help identify this decade old Jane Doe, or find her killer, please contact the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office at  928-329-2379 and reference case number 99-16967. Or as always, call 1-800-THE-LOST to help put a name to a girl who has gone nameless so long.


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