Do you ever just feel like giving up and giving in?
How long and hard you’ve been fighting doesn’t seem to matter anymore?
You just feel completely broken and defeated?
Empty, alone, worthless?
Like you have no purpose anymore?
Everything you wished for and tried for faltered and crumbled around you?
Leaving you to dig yourself out?
And you don’t even have the strength or the will to cry out for help,
You’d rather just lie there waiting for fate to take its course.
Maybe you could even help it along?
Take one of those long jagged pieces of agony and plunge it through what’s left of the shattered, bleeding mass that hardly beats in your core?
Even your own mind betrays you.
Tells you to do it.
Tells you that they’re all better of without you to worry about.
Do you believe it?
You can’t bring yourself to end it all.
Do you ever want to scream and cry without anyone hearing?
Without anyone asking what’s wrong?
For the answer is longer than any miles you’ve crossed?
The weight of all the malevolent emotions gets heavier by the second,
And breaks you down.
Smaller, and smaller, and smaller.
Some would call it a tragedy if they could see through your fake porcelain smile.
They would prescribe you some cure.
But you wouldn’t take it?
Or hide it under your tongue, save it for later?
Collecting each little capsule of happiness as fake as the smile you wear now?
This pain is all you now know.
And soon, when you’ve skipped enough, kept them hidden, waiting.
Your best friends, the voices inside, finally convince you its time.
You don’t you say good bye?
To whom would you say it?
You don’t pray for forgiveness?
You know you don’t deserve it.
The thoughts finally crush you?
The world has won.
Go to sleep and never wake up.


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