The Disappearance of Savannah Crawford

Nearly 30,000 children go missing each year, with approximately half of them going unsolved or inconclusive. As a parent, it is one’s biggest fear that one day, their child will leave and never return home. Unfortunately, that is the horrible tragedy faced by Amanda Akridge.

Amanda has been left desperate and searching for any sign of her 16 year-old daughter. Savannah Crawford was last seen on surveillance footage leaving her family home around 7pm on the evening of April 10th. The young girl left her home with promises to return back soon. But she has yet to come home after nearly two months.


“I’m getting scared I won’t see her again.” That’s what her despondent mother told the WLKY news team after nearly 4 months of investigation. Savannah was last seen walking down Penner Drive, away from her home, wearing a grey beanie and sweatpants, as well as a black shirt and black and white tennis shoes. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since. The teen has medium length blonde hair with red, ombre-style highlights and is approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighing about 110 lbs. Due to her history of depression, her family has begun to fear the worst, stating, “I don’t know what’s happened to her, if she’s hurt or if she’s injured, or anything like that”. Taking into account her mental state, police as well consider the teen to be in potential danger.

Since being reported missing on April 10th, a whirlwind of questions have surfaced and remained unanswered. It is unknown whether Savannah left of her own will, or was taken. Though she did not appear to bring any belongings with her when she left. Save for her smart phone. Savannah’s mother claims to have received tips and calls, some claiming her daughter to be dead. While these have been assumed to be hoaxes, the senseless tricks tug at the grieving mothers heart strings.

On the morning of April 27th, nearly one month since her daughters disappearance, Amanda spoke out at a press conference. In the eyes off the press, Amanda called out to her daughter, hopeful that she is out there somewhere. Not knowing whether she’d ever be heard by her daughter, she pleaded for Savannah to return home. She also when on to ask for anyone with information, big or small, to contact law enforcement immediately, in hopes she may she her daughter once again.

Police have been working tirelessly on the case of the young Savannah Crawford, exhausting all tips and leads that they have received thus far. As of now, Savannah is registered in the National Database for Missing and Exploited Children, and police are still hoping for leads or tips which could help lead to her discovery. Amanada, devastatingly had to face mother’s day this year, without her beloved daughter.

To make matters worse, one month after Savannah’s disappearance, another teen went missing. Haliey Mercer, went missing at approximately 9:30pm on April 8th. While the two did not know each other, police are very concerned that they may be connected.


Unlike with most of my attempts to spread the word of lost souls, there is still a chance that these girls could be reunited with there families. If you have any information please contact the Leitchfield Police Department at (270) 259-3850 or call Sheriff Chaffins at the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office (270) 259-3024 immediately. Help bring these girls home.


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