Why I Spoil My Cats : Part 2


Living on your own and having three young, rambunctious cats running around is truly much like having children. Of course, it’s nice not to have to find a babysitter. In most other regards though, kitten and children are really quite similar.

In the beginning, it was pretty simple. When I only had one cat. When Xavier moved in he was tiny and curious, but not hard to handle. In the beginning, fearing what every pet owner does with young animals, we kept him in his own room at night with his litter box. That way he couldn’t have accidents in the house, and couldn’t get into trouble while we unknowingly slept the night away.


He was truly a gift and a Christmas miracle for me. At the time, Merry and Pippin were kept at my mom’s house. (But that’s a long story for another day.) I had been battling anxiety and depression for 2 years. With my lifelines and my closest family lost, my depression only worsened. I found myself in a hole of misery and anguish, spending most days in a sort of trance. I’d already been through so much with my family, and I missed my babies.

My boyfriend and his mother considered for a few weeks what they could do to help. It was impossible for my best friend to watch the love of his life cry each day, and worry about her safety each night at work, afraid to come home to more tragedy. One afternoon, I came home from work and my boyfriend walked into our spare bedroom, prompting me to follow. I looked around, confused by the blanket lying in the cage that I had hoped would house my two tabby cats. Instead, hidden behind the bedroom mirror was a tiny, creamsicle colored ball of fur. Small enough to fit in a teacup.


The lively little feline brought a new light to my life. He gave me love and purpose and something to live for again. It wasn’t long before afternoon curled in bed were replaced by Xavier curled in my lap. Finally, I was smiling again. His energy rubbed off on me, running and playing and encouraging me to do the same. The spare bedroom filled with bowls and toys, and I became determined to bring this being as much joy as I physically could, to repay him for the joy he brought me.

Part three coming soon…





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