Update on Savannah Crawford : Grieving Her Loss


My desire with each of these posts is always to provide information in an attempt to help these poor lost souls. Unfortunately, today I have learned that Savannah Crawford has been found, dead. My heart is heavy with grief for her family as I write this article. However, the case is not yet closed. This beautiful young girl deserves justice.

Yesterday afternoon, on June 12th, police discovered a body beneath a bridge along the Kentucky 84 highway in Hardin County. Two fisherman noticed the body of a young female and immediately notified police. The authorities arrived to find the girl with no signs of life and began their investigation immediately.


Today, police released a statement confirming that the body was 16 year-old Savannah Crawford. Missing since April 10th, her family and community looked tirelessly for the missing teen. So did law enforcement and K-9 units to no avail. Sadly, it seems her mothers fears have been confirmed. The worst news a parent can hear, and the hardest burden for a parent to bear. Today, Amanda Akridge was informed that her teenage daughter would not be returning home. That the body found dead beneath the bridge was her little girl.

Police are currently investigating Savannah’s cause of death and are trying to discern how she arrived at the bridge 40 miles from where she was last seen at her home. As of yet, very little information is being released, and very little is known for sure.

But what is known for sure is that bright young Savannah Crawford will be missed dearly. While the teen suffered from difficulties such as depression, she brought light to the lives of many. The was a beautiful young girl, and a talented artist. Her Facebook page (now a remembrance) features dozens of inspiring sketches and drawings.

Tonight a candle-light vigil was held, attended by family and friends in remembrance of their beloved Savannah. Prayers were said outside the Grayson County Sheriff’s office. The family and community has been rocked by the tragic loss.

I will continue to update on the fate of this beautiful young girl as more details are released. For now I send my condolences and prayers to Savannah’s family, especially her mother. I encourage anyone with information to please come forward to police to help in explaining her death. It is with a new outlook that I sign off. I will keep an eye out for any new information. I only hope that peace can be brought to her family and community.


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